How to Choose Best Skateboard Backpack – Guide 



Why are skate backpacks better than regular bags?

Skate backpacks make it easier to move about with your skateboard without having to carry it using your hands. Any skater will tell you that carrying a skateboard everywhere can be rather hectic and annoying. Ordinary bags aren’t able to accommodate skateboards since boards have larger decks, trucks, and wheel sizes.

Skate backpacks are designed to accommodate skateboards while keeping your personal belongings intact. They prevent items from getting damaged or falling out. They are built to withstand additional weight without wearing and tearing fast. One of their biggest advantages is that they are highly functional, meaning you get the most out of your backpack while carrying your skateboard around.

What to look for in a good skate or longboard backpack

  • Carrying ability
    A good skateboard backpack won’t crumble under the extra weight that comes with carrying a skateboard. You want a skate and longboard backpack that can carry books, clothes, additional accessories, and a longboard or large skateboard. Check for strong and sturdy straps or hooks that can hold your board firmly.
  • Water resistance
    A water-resistant or waterproof skate or longboard backpack is an absolute necessity. It is able to withstand harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain without leaking or weakening. This ensures that the backpack lasts long and prevents any wetting of your phone, money, books, and other items. Backpacks that are 100% waterproof are rare. However, those built to resist water work well for normal day-to-day use.
  • Large Storage
    Chances are that you’ll need to carry a few other items as you move around with your skateboard. This then makes it necessary to have a skate or longboard backpack that has enough storage for everything.
  • A high-quality backpack can accommodate your books, laptop, phone, and other accessories alongside your longboard. Some are built to accommodate your shoes, skate gear, and helmet pads. The last thing you want is to invest a lot of money in a backpack that can’t hold much.
  • Laptop compartment
    Many people use skateboards as an alternative to other transport options. They use them to commute daily to and from work or school. As a student or professional, you want a comfortable backpack that can hold your laptop without sacrificing space or comfort. The best skateboard backpack comes with a strong zip that secures your laptop firmly to avoid damage and unnecessary movement. It also ensures that the weight of your laptop doesn’t damage other items.
  • Warranty
    Many high-quality skateboard backpacks come with a 6-12 months warranty. Some have a lifetime warranty that ensures you enjoy lifelong reliability. A typical backpack will last between 4 and 10 years. Consider getting one with a warranty before buying.

Types of Skateboards & types of fitting backpacks

Types of skateboards

  1. Shortboard
    A shortboard is designed to offer great performing and air tricks as you skate. It’s the shortest skateboard on the market and works well for park or street skating.
  2. Cruiser
    As the name suggests, cruiser boards are built for cruising around. They feature a kicktail and a mid-length deck. They are very maneuverable and versatile. They also work well for street cruising.
  3. Old School
    Old school skateboards are asymmetrical and feature a flat yet wider nose and a kicktail. They are perfect for skating ramps, carved streets, and skating pools.
  4. Longboard
    Longboard skateboards are designed for those not interested in doing a performance or air tricks. Some are built for downhill racing. They tend to be asymmetrical in shape, have wheel cutouts that provide space for larger wheels, and sit to the ground lower.

Types of fitting backpacks

  1. DayPack
    Daypacks are small bags used for day to day activities. They come with ordinary pockets for common items and are the most common backpacks on the market today.
  2. Overnight backpack
    Overnight backpacks are designed to hold enough clothing and personal items for an overnight trip. They come built like daypacks but with additional pockets and slots. They may even be bigger.
  3. Trekking/Hiking backpack
    Hiking backpacks come with plenty of loops, lash-on points, and pockets to accommodate plenty of items that may be needed during a full day hike. Higher models may come with a frame and a hip belt.
  4. Cycling backpack
    As the name suggests, cycling backpacks are for those that commute by bike. They can comfortably accommodate your gear and loads of other items while sitting firmly on your back. They are also referred to as commuter backpacks.
  5. Climbing backpack
    A climbing backpack is built to hold your harness, rope, rack, shoes, helmet and all other items needed for climbing. They sit close to your body and are also referred to as crag backpacks or mountaineering backpacks.
  6. Travel backpack
    Travel backpacks are basically suitcases that can be carried on the back. Instead of loading your items from the top, they are designed to offer access like a suitcase. They come with plenty of zippered slots and pockets for all kinds of adventures.
  7. Hydration backpack
    Hydration backpacks are designed to provide up to 10 liters of storage, with 3 liters being reserved for hydration. They are extra comfortable and sit tight to prevent unnecessary movement.

How to attach a skateboard to a backpack

The easiest way to fasten your skateboard to your backpack is by using bungee straps. These loop around the top part of your backpack and around your skateboard’s wheels. They provide extra security and reliability for most backpacks and boards.

If your skateboard feels too heavy, consider using specialized straps to fasten it. These come in a variety of styles and are specially designed to accommodate different types of boards.

Can these backpacks be used as school bags too?

Yes, they can. The best thing that comes with a high-quality skateboard or longboard backpacks is that they can double up as normal college and school bags. They eliminate the need for carrying another bag for your school items.


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