Penny Board Classic Complete Skateboard – Best Skateboard to buy

The Penny complete skateboard is a classic ,unique and fantastic skateboard from the makers who are designing skateboards since 1970’s.

It’s classic design and construction gives a retro look and will attract every eye when you are on it. The small and unique design of Penny Classic makes it a perfect cruiser to get you anywhere you need to go. If you are looking for a classy design then the Penny will be a great option. It is available with a lot of variants and hence gives you the opportunity to choose the one you like. It comes in a vintage design and will definitely surprise you with the looks.

Chose your destination whether it is going to check the surf, or kicking to school this amazing Classic Complete will get you where you want to go in style. If you are a student and love skateboard too then the small design allows it fit right in your locker.


The Penny Skateboard has wheels measuring 59 mm and 22″ long Deck with 3.125″ Penny Trucks. It makes heads turn as you ride across the streets and the feeling is good. This Penny Classic Complete Skateboard features soft wheels perfect for sucking up all those sidewalk cracks and giving you that smooth ride you want.

This skateboard is light and easy to maneuver. If you have tight streets then no problem as it fits well in small platforms like footpath and pavements.


The Penny is designed by experts and has a small radius which helps you with quick turns and also to avoid any accident which can ruin your amazing ride. Its compact size allows you to experiment with many riding styles at any speed. It is a perfect skateboard which suits your pocket and also for fun and thrilling experience.

Verdict–  Penny is known for its classy and unique design. This Skateboard makes heads turn as you ride across the streets and you can feel the comfort while riding. This one gives old riders fond memories of a high quality and long lasting skateboard. You will definitely love it. Whether you are in school or in college the looks of this amazing skateboard will definitely make you popular among your classmates. This skateboard has everything you will need for an amazing skateboarding experience.

Strong and long lasting.
Small and compact design.
Easy to ride on pavements and footpaths.
Best for stable and smooth rides.
Great for all terrains.
Small Radius.
Paint at the bottom may chip off.


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