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Sheetz is a fan of Pittsburghers. Find Sheetz Menu. During a ride- on any trip- stop at petrol, food and clean bathrooms. Nonetheless, the brand is much more than the eye sees. These are the ten facts about Sheetz, which may not even be recognised by # SheetzFreakz — the name of the ardent fans.

Sheetz Family-Owned and Operated

Brand Strategy Director Ryan Sheetz told his uncle Bob that the company began in Altoona in 1952. It has remained common and worked in the decades since then. This is not franchise.

It Was a Dairy

The company started to sell milk, cheese, meats and newspapers as a milk wholesaler, followed by dairy shops located inAltoona. The business began to sell petrol around 1973, Sheetz said.

Sheetz is Bigger Than Pittsburgh

Over 500 stores are located in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, North Carolina, Vyrginia. There are about 30 new Sheetz stores open every year.

The Coffee

Sheetz has an expresso and smoothie bar with full service-Sheetz Bros. Coffeez — certified barists. Unique cups, cappuccinos and mocha which can become dry, frozen, or iced include coffee drinks.


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