Best Breathalyzers For Testing Alcohol Level

5 Best Breathalyzers For Testing Alcohol Level

AlcoHAWK PT500 Breathalyzer, Fuel Cell Sensor, Police Grade Professional Breath Alcohol Tester, Portable Personal Use Alcohol Detector Accurate and Fast Results, BAC Tracker with Digital LCD Screen


The advantages of the PT500 PT Core Fuel-Cell Technology are numerous! The PT500 offers a simple menu-driven operation allowing you to take a test, set specific alarm points or check how many tests have been performed. The PT500 has a brilliant 4-digit test result display that can pick up trace amounts of alcohol—examples such as 0.003% or 0.006% BAC –which is the perfect solution for zero-tolerance testing environments screening for the presence of small amounts of alcohol. PT Core Fuel Cell provides more reliable, consistent and accurate results as compared with semi-conductor breathalyzers. It will reduce false positives for someone who is diabetic or on a low calorie diet. Other semiconductor breathalyzers will sometimes show a false positive result for these individuals but the PT Core is not subject to interference from ketones which can be seen in conditions such as diabetes or people on fad diets. The PT500 also exhibits a linear response to measured alcohol, allowing the unit to provide more accurate and consistent results over the complete range of alcohol concentrations. This is especially true at higher BAC concentrations, such as 0.255% BAC, where the PT Core Fuel Cell will provide more reliable and consistent results whereas semiconductor models may become less accurate at the higher BAC ranges. PT Core™extends the life of the sensor and allows for 1000s of tests to be performed. The AlcoHAWK PT500 Breathalyzer utilizes a highly accurate and reliable PT Core fuel cell sensor technology. This enhanced technology allows the PT500 to be operated as a screening device for professional, medical, and law enforcement testing applications. The PT500 is the perfect choice for law enforcement, hospitals, clinics, businesses, and for personal use — anytime and anywhere fuel-cell accuracy is required rely on the PT500!

BACtrack S80 Breathalyzer | Professional-Grade Accuracy | DOT & NHTSA Approved | FDA 510(k) Cleared | Portable Breath Alcohol Tester for Personal & Professional Use


Powered by BACtrack’s largest Xtend Platinum Fuel Cell Sensor, the BACtrack S80 Professional Breathalyzer is the most accurate breathalyzer in the BACtrack family, delivering reliable BAC results, with police-grade accuracy. From being used as an alcohol detector for employees in businesses, to acting as an alcohol tester for patients in clinics or treatment centers, the S80 is perfect for a variety of professional alcohol sensing, detecting and testing applications. And because of its reliability and portable design, it’s also great as a personal BAC breathalyzer. Help friends and family make better decisions while drinking with the accurate and affordable BACtrack S80 alcohol Breathalyzer.

BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer Portable Keyring Breath Alcohol Tester, Black


The BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer is a revolutionary portable breathalyzer that takes size and portability to the next level. The BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer is a fully functional breath alcohol tester with an internal alcohol sensor, folding breath tube, and even optional mouthpieces. You can quickly and easily estimate your BAC, Blood Alcohol Content, by blowing through the mouthpiece for 5 seconds. Never before has a breathalyzer had accurate alcohol sensing technology in a design this small and affordable. You can take the product everywhere and test yourself, friends, family, or anyone who is curious about their Blood Alcohol Content. The innovative folding mouthpiece pulls out during testing and slides back down during storage – it’s that easy! Everyone will want to test themselves whether you’re at a party, bar, restaurant, or anywhere else alcohol is consumed. Learn how drinking alcohol affects your Blood Alcohol Content and always make smart, informed decisions. And you can trust the BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer because of BACtrack’s history and experience with personal and professional alcohol breathalyzers.

AlcoMate Revo Fuel-Cell Breathalyzer with Prism Technology


The AlcoMate Revo Fuel-Cell Breathalyzer features one of the most important innovations in the breathalyzer industry – patented PRISM (Pre-calibrated Replaceable Intelligent Sensor Module) Technology. PRISM Technology provides cutting-edge alcohol sensing using the most rigorous standards of construction, durability and accuracy. Typical breathalyzers must be periodically re-calibrated by the manufacturer in order to maintain accurate readings. This is usually done by physically mailing your breathalyzer to a service center, resulting in wasted downtime. On top of that, the re-calibration procedure itself is unable to restore Day 1 accuracy, because the wear and residue buildup inside the sensor is not addressed. Instead of going through a tedious re-calibration process, PRISM Technology allows you to directly replace your old sensor module with a new one; replacement is quick and easy, and you avoid the pitfalls of mail-back re-calibration. When you decide to invest your hard-earned dollars in a breathalyzer, you can make sure your device is as accurate as Day 1 each time you install a new sensor module, only with PRISM Technology. AlcoMate breath alcohol testers are DOT approved for law enforcement accuracy, US Coast Guard cleared, and are the single-source brand for the US Navy.

AlcoTrace Breathalyzer New 2018 Professional breathalyzers Portable Alcohol Tester (Police breathalyzer Quality)



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