Best Bluetooth Fm Transmitters for Cars

The Best FM Transmitter Gift Ideas

FM transmitter allows phones to be used anywhere in a vehicle or on the road without carrying a bulky or expensive transmitter. These installations can also provide a portable alternative to FM radio.

Are FM signal strength standards any different than wireless phone signals?

Even though cell phones provide a wireless radio signal, it is only a fraction of what a standard FM radio signals. The radio signal strength standards for FM transmitters are determined by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

Modern FM transmitters enable a wireless connection to your audio device via Bluetooth technology so you might no longer need an aux cable. It’s a shame that most OEMs don’t make this functionality common across their products.

In addition to allowing full-range sound, Bluetooth is an innovative communication method that offers a wide range of the function. With an estimated 6 million people in the US alone, Bluetooth connections are expected to increase in popularity in the near future.

FM transmitters can be obtained cheaply from major electronics suppliers such as Sony, LG, Panasonic, and Sanyo. These transmitters are quite simple to use and can be programmed to transmit different frequencies allowing for various special interests to be broadcasted by Bluetooth.


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