The Best Double Din Head Unit as Gifts

Double din head unit provides the more suitable for drivers who are not constantly in touch with their cell phones or in need of navigation, as they will get all the functionality that the unit offers, with some added comfort to the headphones and a second space to place the phone or iPod.

At least some of them have their own wireless remote-control features. If you’ve got a new stereo, you can expect the most elaborate feature set. Many models are as expansive as a DVD player, and feature game and mobile apps to control your music and entertainment.

Most aftermarket car double din head units are identical, but many of these units are typically made of lower quality materials and are far less durable than the factory units. Even though a $3,000 tuneup to a pre-1986 head unit can transform your sub into a 200W monster.

Options that are desirable with a double din head unit include Bluetooth handsfree, wireless audio streaming, and compatibility with a variety of smartphones, a touch screen, HD radio, an auxiliary input jack, and even a CD.

While some offer the most features and include the best sound quality in a double din, others offer top features but leave out the latest tech and get all the sound and features of cheaper models at a lower price.


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