Learn From Our Failures

There is much to learn from failure. When you fail at something you realize the mistakes that you made. You learn how you should have done things in order not to make the mistakes that you did. The next time you try to succeed at the same task you can apply when you learned from your mistakes. I was once in love with a girl named Allison. At the time I was dealing with a drug addiction. I lied to her about the addiction, trying to hide it from her because I feared I would lose her if she knew the truth. Eventually she found out about my problem.

I lost her love not because of my addiction, but because I lied about it. From this experience I realize that lying to her was a huge mistake. When I look back on my relationship with Allison I know now that I shouldnt have lied to her. In losing her love I learned that its not right to lie so someone even if your intentions are good. If I had told Allison the truth about the situation I might still be with her today. I would have had the chance to work through my addiction with her help, instead of fighting it on my own. Have you ever heard the saying, Never make the same mistake twice?

The next time I found someone I loved, I made sure not to lie to them in anyway, even if I meant letting them see the darker side of my life. Letting them know everything only made the relationship stronger, and easier to manage. I am still with that girl today. I have learned a lot from my failures in life. I realized the mistakes that I made along the way that lead to my failure. I learned how I should have dealt with the mistakes that I made. The next time confronted with the same situation I can apply what I learned from my failure, to become successful.

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