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I totally picked up a whole set of these for 50 bucks on eBay and they seemed just as nice as yours. Yeah no I know you can get them for about 50 bucks. Well on that eBay auction you know it said that these were top quality and they’re Mia the same stuff yours are. These are machine from one piece their billet. Hey can I take a look at that yeah you’re jealous now you want to check them out don’t you okay all right here you go. Yeah well it’s obvious you spent 50 bucks. You don’t want a second I’m gonna help you out with this I mean yeah you have at it because they’re like super-strong billet things and they can totally take any whatever you got to throw at it sorry man I’m sure you’ll be able to put that back together here you go welcome back to Dark Knight adventures.

[spoiler title=’Read More’ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’]I’m Sutton thanks for joining me today I’m glad you’re here so you’ll want to put wheel spacers on your truck you want to be cool you want to have that aggressive look but you don’t have a lot of money so you think man I’m just going to go on eBay I’m gonna buy some cheap wheel spacers they’re just as good as anything else out there they’re all the same well I’m here to tell you today that they’re definitely not you can’t believe the advertising they may say that they’re made out of one type of aluminum they’re gonna say their billet they’re gonna say they’re machined they’re probably cast they come from China and they’re just a bunch of crap I hit this one one time just to get the sound effect I barely even hit it let me show you what happened one small tap with a hammer and it totally cracked now if that can happen from one baby tap from a hammer imagine what’s gonna happen when you’re off road or when you’re flying down the highway this thing’s gonna explode your wheels gonna fly off you’re gonna kill yourself or worse yet you might kill someone else so can you pick these up for like 50 bucks on eBay you sure can a whole set of four on eBay for $57 free shipping just remember I turn this into this with three wraps from a hammer okay Sutton so I shouldn’t buy cheap wheel spacers on eBay then what should I do personally I recommend buying some borer wheel spacers they’re made here in America made by motorsport Tech I’ll put a link in the description below these are actually made out of 6061-t6 aluminum these actually come from a billet piece of aluminum these truly are machined alright so let’s talk about the differences between the cheap wheel spacers and the quality wheel spacers now let’s just ignore the size difference for a second because that really doesn’t matter this is an inch and a half wheel spacer and this is a three inch wheel spacer alright so let’s look at the cheap wheel spacer first so you’ll see that this is really designed to be a universal fit for any truck that has this lug pattern it’s not hub centric and it’s not wheel centric which causes it to be weaker although cheaper to make and more universally fit it makes it much weaker and one of the areas where it becomes weaker is around the lug holes because the center bore is so large the have to machine away a lot of the aluminum and therefore what you end up with is very thin lug holes and if you saw where that other one broke it was right here because this is very thin and very fragile and there’s just not much holding it there another obvious difference you’ll notice is this looks like aluminum and this is nice and black and now that is not just for looks although it does make it look nicer that’s called anodizing and what the anodization does is it stops the galvanic corrosion that happens between steel and aluminum so you’ll notice here these bolts are steel the wheel spacer is aluminum the bolts are press fit into the aluminum and they’re going to have galvanic corrosion and over time that’s going to weaken those bolts and it’s going to weaken the wheel spacer and it’s going to lead to failure now the bore wheel spacer has the same bolts these are 10.9 metric bolts so that the same strength bolt however because of the anodization you’re not going to get that galvanic corrosion and you’re not going to have that weakness now you notice look at the difference in the thickness around the bolt holes for the lugs see how much thicker this is here and that’s because this is machined more precisely to be hub centric and wheel centric and I’ll show you what that means in just a second okay so I already have a set of wheel spacers on the truck already and we’ll try to demonstrate hub centric and wheel centric as best we can here alright so i zoomed way in on this wheel spacer and you’ll notice that the center bore perfectly fits on the hub of the truck and that’s called hub centric and that’s very important for a lot of reasons one of the biggest reasons is that it takes load off of the lugs so reduce stress and it also helps with balance okay so what does it look like when something is not hub centric alright so here’s that Jeep wheel spacer and if we put this on you’ll see that is not hub centric but what this is gonna do is put extra load on your lugs and you’re gonna have balance issues because your wheels are balanced off of your truck so you’re just gonna end up wherever this tightens down that’s where it’s going to be and when you go to bolt your wheel back on there you very well could have issues with vibration which is also going to lead to stress which is going to lead to failure okay the other thing that makes a quality wheel spacers stand out is that not only are the hub centric but they’re also wheel centric so you’ll see if this wheel spacer has a lip it goes all the way around and this exactly fits the center bore hole of your wheel that way when you mount your wheel the wheel actually rests on this brim and is only held tight and in place by the lugs therefore the lugs are not holding all the load reducing stress and this is why a quality wheel spacer is so important and you’ll notice that that is missing on this cheap wheel spacer okay so maybe here’s a better demonstration of wheel centric so I put the wheel back on and you can see that it’s resting on that lip of the wheel spacer and then it’s not hanging on the lugs the lugs will simply be there to tighten the wheel to the truck these things probably cost a fortune actually they don’t those inch and a half wheel spacers I paid 50 bucks apiece for them now is it fifty bucks for the set of four no but it was fifty bucks each which is two hundred dollars for the set of four that’s pretty damn cheap then recently I picked up a new set I’m going from an inch and a half to three inches and I’m gonna do it before and after video of stock inch and a half and three inch real soon so keep an eye out for that one these were seventy four dollars a piece still didn’t break the bank way cheaper than getting a set of wheels we’re gonna accomplish basically the same thing and I don’t have to worry about going more than 60 miles an hour and the highway I don’t have to worry about what’s gonna happen if I’m off-road alright so maybe you don’t believe me just how terrible these things are seeing how I’m never going to use them on any vehicle ever let me go ahead smash one for you so you can see what happens go down to the comment section below and put in there how many whacks of the hammer you think it’s gonna take for these things to break alright so maybe you don’t believe me so we’re gonna go ahead and hit this thing see how many times I have to hit it before it shatters so you can see with your own eyes just how dangerous these cheap wheel spacers are here we go okay one hit one hit and that broke unbelievable unbelievable see that one hit god help anyone that puts these on their truck alright there you have a cheap wheel spacers versus quality wheel spacers there is no reason to cheap out on this thanks for joining me today I hope you liked this video make sure to leave some comments below hit that subscribe button make sure to smash that like button and as always keep life and adventure[/spoiler]



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