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Titanic & the Notebook

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Formulation of Constructive Relations

The two artifacts I chose to write about are the films The Notebook and Titanic. The Notebook is a romantic film directed by Nick Cassavetes and based on the best-selling novel written by Nicholas Sparks. The two main characters are played by Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams who are madly in love. The film was released May 20th of 2004. The next is Titanic, it is a romantic film directed by James Cameron and was released November 1st, 1997. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jack and Kate Winslet plays Rose, the two star-crossed lovers that meet on the ship. The aspect of language I will be comparing between the two artifacts is the emotional aspect and how deeply emotions play a role in language. In order to achieve a stable relationship, one must be able to communicate using constructive, affectionate and caring language.

In The Notebook, Allie (Rachel McAdams) meets Noah (Ryan Gossling) at a carnival. When first meeting him she isn’t interested. But after talking and getting to know Noah the two fall deeply in love. They share everything about their lives and communicate on a very deep level, just by the way they talk to each other you can tell they are mad for one another. Allie is forced to move away at the end of summer to go back to her real home with her parents. The night before they leave, Allie and Noah get into an argument and go back and forth about breaking up, which doesn’t give them a chance to talk before Allie leaves. Noah writes, but Allie’s mother keeps the letters out of Allies sight, causing Allie and Noah to have no contact and making it seem as if Noah didn’t want to talk to Allie. Allie gets engaged to a wealthy man, but soon after meets back up with her long lost love Noah.

She is forced to choose between keeping her social status or being with the love of her life. In Titanic, Rose (Kate Winslet) meets Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) on the Titanic ship because Jack sees Rose contemplating whether to jump off the boat or not. Jack says he would jump in after her if she jumped. Although Rose is engaged to her wealthy fiance Cal, it is obvious that Rose is not happy with him, hints the reason she was going to jump off the boat. Jack is a homeless poor man who adventures day to day and won his ticket onto the Titanic in a lucky pot of poker. Cal and Rose’s mother Ruth catch onto Jack and Rose hanging out on the ship together an awful lot and forbid them to see each other anymore. But that doesn’t stop the two from taking off together before the ship is about to sink. There was something about Jack that Rose couldn’t resist. Many would say because they could communicate in a different way than her and Cal did. It seemed that Rose could be herself around Jack, but Cal just wanted to control her like she was his property.

The two romantic films share multiple similarities. Both women belonged to the high social class, although they felt they didn’t belong and couldn’t communicate the same they could with Noah or Jack. When Rose was with her fiance and mother she couldn’t joke the way she joked with Jack, nor could she use slang or make any gestures that seemed unladylike. Allie even calls her mother out in one scene after her mother called Noah trash saying “You don’t look at daddy the way I look at Noah. You don’t touch or laugh. You don’t play. You don’t know anything about love.” Allie was trying to prove a point to her mother that her mother and father don’t communicate on the level that Allie and Jack do, so how could she have a say in who Allie is to love if her mother doesn’t know how to love. With Allie, it seemed as if when she met Noah he communicated with her in a way that opened her up to feel free. He showed her that there is more to life than to meet her parents expectations. When Rose met Jack, it seems that she already had an independent attitude about life that she was just waiting to share it with someone like her. Relationships are formed through things such as honesty and trustworthiness.

These things can only be created through communication and if a good communication isn’t established then it is hard to form a good relationship. Although communication within relationships is not always positive, a good relationship involves disagreement sometimes. “They didn’t agree on much. In fact they rarely agreed on anything. They fought all the time and they challenged each other everyday. But in spite of their differences, they had one important thing in common; they were crazy about each other.” This is an excerpt from The Notebook. It portrays a strong message about how disagreement is normal, and how a communicating relationship involves challenges, or else there the relationship might seem tedious. Jack and Rose didn’t have a very long relationship together seeing how they just met while on the Titanic. But there are many times throughout the movie that Rose shows that she trusts Jack. One scene that proves this to be relevant is the scene where Rose goes to rescue Jack because he is handcuffed to a pipe in the bottom deck of the boat because he was framed by Rose’s fiance to make it look like he stole her very expensive diamond. Jack says “Rose! How did you find out I didn’t do it?” and Rose say’s “I didn’t. I just realized I already knew.”

This goes to show that Rose trusts Jack more than her own fiance Cal. Something deep within her knew that Jack wouldn’t do such a thing, and it’s obvious that the trust from her came from their communication and something about the way Jack had presented himself to her. Why would Jack have to steal from someone like Rose that he cared for when he was already happy with his life, even though he didn’t have much? There are a few differences that should be addressed about the two films. First, Titanic starts out with Rose and Cal getting on the ship. The audience is not informed of how their relationship started nor their method of communicating. The Notebook, however, starts from the very beginning. It allows one to observe their relationship as it develops and grows and allows the audience to have a great grasp on how communication helped them to become so involved with each other. Noah and Allie became one another’s first love. As many people know, a persons first love has a special place in their heart for multiple reasons.

The main reason I believe this is true is because when you access such a deep level of connection with a person it becomes more than just love. The logical explanation for this account comes down to the way a person presents their language–how they do it, when they do it, and what ideas of language they bring to the table. Although both movie genres are romantic, the language used throughout Titanic and The Notebook bounces back and forth. When the characters Allie, Noah, Rose and Jack talk to other characters they are not always going to be connecting or communicating with others the way they communicate with their significant other. In fact, since both films have an underlying basis around social classes, the language may depend on what social class the person is from that the character is speaking to. In the Titanic, Jack attends dinner with Rose, her fiance Cal, her mother Ruth and a few other wealthy guests. He knows he can not communicate with them they way he communicates with any persons from the lower class in which Jack belongs.

Before going into the dinner hall, Molly Brown, and wealthy-witty women on the ship gives Jack some advice “Remember, they love money, so just act like you own a gold mine and you’re in the club”. Molly is basically indicating that if Jack wants to communicate to the high class crowd, he must define himself as they do. It is important for one to understand the message being portrayed through these films. These are not just romantic movies, they represent particular language usage through emotion that is seen in today’s society and all societies throughout the future. To have a relationship, you must first know how the aspects of a relationship work and how to utilize communication. Without having an understanding of love and it’s assemblage of honesty and trust, to have any stable relation is out of the question. One might protest that they have no care to have a relationship. My answer to that is, in order to live a happy and healthy lifestyle, you must have some sort of relationship. Your relationship does not have to consist of love, but to even have a father-son, mother-daughter, or friend to friend relationship some emotion is felt, because all humans feel emotion, it is important to know how to act on and put emotions to use. Even if someone doesn’t care to have any kind of relationship in the world, this message is still important for them to understand the normalcy of the world around them.

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When revising my essay there were not many things I changed. I think this is mostly because my group did not communicate every well. When in our groups , felt like I talked too much about the papers because neither of my two group members said much about one another papers. I felt like I didn’t get as much feedback as I would if we were to peer edit the way we did before. One thing I changed in my paper is my thesis statement. I feel like before it was too lengthy and hard to get the point. Also, I changed common grammatical errors. I enjoyed this assignment because it was very open and gave a variety of ways to talk about language. I like both of these movies, and it helped me to really look into them and understand a lot of the mind sets of the characters.

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