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Shutter Island: Ruffle and DiCaprio

by movi 2 Comments

You could have a drinking game where you drink every time Ruffalo’s character asks DiCaprio’s character, “You OK, boss?”.

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  1. ReplyEJverh
    Yes, but every time I so enjoyed that. Those three words explain Dr Sheehan the best when we essentially don't get any info what kind of Dr. Is. We get a good sense of both Dr Cawley and Neahring but not of Sheehan because he's also role playing (but within his personality, since Teddy was supposed to have just met him, so his personality earned him Teddy's trust from the get go). We get the sense that he is like minds with Cawley's practice and approach, but probably much more caring towards his patients. I loved both his and Kingsley's performance so much because they do a brilliant job of essentially playing two different characters, but so consistently that if you watch it over after already knowing the end it plays perfectly in retrospect; every sentence, every gesture that worked in the beginning to make them 'fit' into Teddy's imagination of who they are, but also as they are in reality.
  2. ReplySutterKeely87
    Don't play that game if you're reading the book

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