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Shutter Island: is the cigarette real?

by movi 2 Comments


Don’t know if this has ever been discuss but this is my take about the ‘cave woman’ the sequence of events that leads teddy to the cave woman (almost) couldn’t be an illusion.

After teddy tried to reach the lighthouse and fail, he returned to the place he and chuck seperated and finds a cigarette burning on the edge of the rocks. if this cigarette is an illusion (let’s say that teddy got there and by not seeing chuck, his mind trick him, like in a dream and sugested him that a cigarete was there so chuck musted fell down the clif), than is plausible that all sequence is an illusion but for that he had to know that a cave was there (otherwise the meeting would’ve had to happen on the rocks) but how could he?

Next, for him to go down the clif they had to rely on him to see an illusion of a body down there. this is very important and i don’t think they were around the corner just crossing their fingers hopping we would see something that made him go down there, like a bodyshape “that would be perfect! we can only hope…”. so the illusion must be real. even when he’s down there we can clearly see a pretty accurate draw of a body on the rocks.

And from here, he can see a cave with a burning fire where is gonna find the woman.

It seem that everything was to lead him to a place where he could see the cave (that he had no knowledge of it)
so if it’s all staged the cave woman it’s part of the plan and it’s real… right?

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  1. Replyflo_rin108
    The woman and the body are definitely hallucination (the body is actually hallucination combined with illusion), Dr. Cawley clearly says at the end (after Teddy told him about the woman) that Teddy's delusion is greater that he thought, he never planed for that meeting to occur. But yea, there are so much coincidences in that scene that perhaps the entire scene, starting from the cigarette, cliff climbing and the woman are just hallucinations, perhaps he never climbed down the cliff, it would even be hard to do it considering the wet rocks and the angle of the cliff and he does it with such ease too, you could even say it would be impossible.
  2. Replyl-859-473955
    He climbs down the rocks after impulsively telling Sheehan not to follow him. He comes to a dead-end. At this point he cant go on in playing his made up "Teddy Daniels-Role". The script he designed in his head mismatches with reality and starts to collapse. Also he is all alone, his mind can freely develope, it's not being distracted from anyone near him.This is where he starts to hallucinate. He imagines climbing back to where he left Sheehan, imagines the cigarette, the body, the rats (duh) and the cave woman. He probably never actually climbed back up to the cliffs, he just wanderd around. Sheehan lost him and so finally was randomly picked up by the militair dude.

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