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Titanic review

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The movie Titanic was released on December 19, 1997 and was directed and also written by James Cameron. The cast of the movie included Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Kathy Bates and Bill Paxton. This is a great romantic film that shows that love can find you when your least expecting it and no matter what circumstances you are under. The movie is a romance story with tragedy going on all around them. The Titanic was to be the unsinkable ship but when hundreds of passengers find themselves franticly trying to get off before this unsinkable ship sinks they come to realize that anything is possible. Before tragedy occurs Rose (who is played by Kate Winslet) and Jack (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) find themselves in a new founded love that Rose’s mother is not fond of. Rose comes from wealth and where as Jack is a pauper and wins his ticket to board the Titanic by playing a card game.


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One of the greatest news headlines of all times was actually never supposed to happen. The shocking news of the sunken ocean liner the Titanic shocked millions. The sinking itself probably wouldn’t have even mattered except that the builders themselves said that the ship simply could not sink. The news not only hit the United States, but countries everywhere were saddened to hear the news of “The Unsinkable” and its grave end. In 1907 a man named J. Bruce Ismay, who was the manager of White Star Lines went to a dinner party at the mansion of the wealthy William James Pierre. Pierre was a chairman to one of the largest shipbuilding companies in Belfast, Harland and Wolff. At dinner the two discussed luxury ships like the Lusitania and the Mauretania. These two liners were more luxurious and faster than any other liner ever made and that was bad news for Ismay and Pierre. It was a problem because Cunard Lines, the maker of these two luxury ships, was White Star Lines’ only competition.

I saw The Revenant for the 2nd time today, here is what I think of it

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First off, I don’t really get into the whole reviews thing, especially if it doesn’t come from a professional in a magazine. So instead of calling this “my review” I’ll just say that this is my likes and dislikes about the movie and let other people tell me what their likes and dislikes were on this post as well. Mind you there are spoiler’s below:

When I went and saw The Revenant for the first time yesterday, I instantly fell in love with the scene in the beginning of the movie where the stream was running over the roots of the trees before Hawk and Bridger stepped into frame. To me, it was one of the most beautiful shots they had throughout the movie and done so well with natural lighting. I know it doesn’t seem that important, but personally I’m so glad they didn’t film it any other way.


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Leonardo DiCaprio acts the same in almost all the movies. Instead of getting into the character (what’s eating gilbert is the only exception!), he plays it his way and even overacts some times.